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You know what you like but can’t pull it together?

Get your home looking beautiful now and off your to-do list.

If you’re like many homeowners, you have an idea of what you want your home to look like. You’ve collected inspiration pictures and ideas, you picked your favorite color palette, but when it comes time to get started you just get stuck. How do you implement those ideas and make sure everything comes together in real life the way you envision it in your mind?

An interior designer helps you pull it all together. They take your mood board ideas and bring them to life. They are the expert on things like layout, color, scale, and proportion, but you are the expert on your own life. Just like you would hire a financial advisor, or any other professional in a field you’re unfamiliar with or don’t have time to learn, you can delegate the design of your home to an expert. The functionality of good beautiful design is a luxury feeling we all deserve to have in order to live well and mindfully.

Read on for some of the ways that I get your ideas off the Pinterest board and into your home.

So, Tell Me About Yourself

As humans we want to be heard and acknowledged so I’m always listening to my clients. Maybe you’re unhappy with your current space. Let’s talk about your dreams for your future self. Those are emotional and practical conversations about what works and doesn’t work in your home and what changes you want to see to make sure your home suits your life. Re-imagining your home and making it a reflection of what you love and value the most is our collaborative goal. You’ll discover just as much about yourself, your style, how you live, and how you plan to live in the future as I will through this process! I get calls and emails from past clients all the time for approval on other purchases or more projects because they trust me and we’ve created that relationship.

We talk about all the details, some that you might never have thought of before. Think about how everyone moves around a space (including kids and pets). How do you like to lounge on a couch? Where do you make coffee? What is your morning and evening routine? Where do you entertain friends and family?

We all come from a different frame of reference, and our perceptions inform our values about what our homes should be and do for us. Some people want everything to mean something in their homes. To have a story or remind them of moments that bring back good memories. Or maybe you also want to know the history of the materials and products you bring into your home. What’s the story behind the artisans who hand made your vase or the origin of the design of your vintage rug? Our age, identity, and experiences in life determine our discerning eye and what style we’re attracted to. One person may think modern minimalism is beautiful while another person is drawn to a more casual, transitional style.

What’s Your Style?

Speaking of style, I suggest paying attention to how you feel and what you like in certain homes, hotels, restaurants, travel spots, anywhere that speaks design. There is no right or wrong. Your design aesthetic comes from all those things you love that trigger joy. Most times that’s a mix of different styles, not just one singular style. I believe it’s okay to change the rules and mix things up, and the history of design can teach us this as design evolves. The use of color, bold pattern, high contrast, big scale, sculptural elements, unique use of materials, this is what makes you feel a certain vibe in a space.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Maybe you have a favorite era in time, a special tapestry or rug that’s been in your family for years, a piece of art, ceramics, nature, fashion…anything! The outside of the home can also inform the design of the inside. Think about the architecture of the home and its surroundings. Whether it’s a new build or total renovation, I spend a lot of time learning about details. I notice the light coming in, how the spaces relate to each other, and the architectural elements. This helps me create truly bespoke and couture design for spaces that evoke a feeling.

Bringing It All Together

With every design project, I start with mood boards. These help me communicate the overall feel with images of your space and get clear on your vision. Once the look and feel is established, then I really plan the spaces. This is the fun part for me! I get creative and build from there, paying attention to scale, color, textures, contrasting materials, the natural light coming into the space, blending in the exterior spaces, layered lighting, and all the design elements that you might not know the words for, but that grab your attention when you’re in a space. My brain rarely turns off and that is valuable for clients in the work I provide them. You’ll get all my best ideas, whether I came up with them during our discovery meeting or while making dinner.

Sometimes there are unforeseen hurdles along the way, especially during these COVID times. Through it all, I’ll find solutions, pivot, and maintain the overarching vision you have for your beautifully designed home. One thing this COVID era has reminded us is that time and family is so valuable. We should make the most of what we have and enjoy it now. When I design your home, yes, I am giving you a beautiful new space to be proud of, but I’m also giving you time back in your schedule so that you can do more of what you love with people you love.

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